Wee | What is WEE?
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What is WEE?

World English Experience (WEE) is an English programme organised by Oxford International Education Group (OIEG), an organisation accredited by the British Council, which has taken more than 150,000 international students from Europe, Asia and Latin America for 20 years. The programme develops in the most prestigious and important University residencies in the United Kingdom during 14 nights and 15 (Spring Break) according to the English calendar.

Academic Benefits

During two weeks, students will have English lessons instructed by qualified EFL teachers. Also, they will participate in a series of educational events and competitions whilst being exposed to British history and culture.

Before classes begin, students will have to present a placement test (oral) with the purpose of improving their English according to their level.

Also, the student will be immersed 100% in a British atmosphere, so almost without knowing they will be able to understand the pronunciation of words and their use by native residents. This will give the student more confidence to communicate in the language.


The participants will be registered in 6 competitions in which they will have to present representing their school and their country of origin. These competitions will give them the opportunity to compete against other countries such as: Venezuela Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Belize, Spain and Brazil.

The competitions are the following:

  • Visitor’s Experience
  • Talent Show
  • The Quick WIT
  • Think On Your Feet Challenge/li>
  • Mystery Big Brain Challenge